Does Your Home Have a Dry Rot Problem?

Hire us for dry rot wood repairs in Los Banos, CA

Dry rot anywhere in your home is bad news. If you have any wood structures in your home, you're at risk for dry rot. Let Landeros Quality Roofing Services be your trusted source for dry rot wood repairs.

Schedule an appointment today with our dry rot contractors in Los Banos, CA or call us at 408-666-0390. We're here to guide you through any questions or concerns.

Learn more about our dry rot repair process

Are you noticing any type of fungal growth or water droplets on your wood structures? If so, call our expert dry rot contractors at Landeros Roofing Services and we'll take care of the issue. We will:

  • Identify the source of moisture
  • Dry and chop out all the decayed wood
  • Heat the affected area and kill the dry rot

Schedule an appointment with our professional dry rot contractors today in Los Banos, CA.